We partner with companies looking to scale by providing better quality candidates, at speed, with guaranteed results. What makes the Impala Embedded Solution truly unique is that we will guarantee you a fixed amount of minimum hires upfront and if for any reason we don’t meet this in the timeframe, we’ll work free of charge until we do.



Our fully embedded consultants focus 100% of their time on your talent development.


We save you time and give you the flexibility and capacity to focus on other parts of growing your business.


We’re focused on the long term business benefits to help you scale sustainably.

Project Timeline

Project Launch

Our Director and a delivery consultant will meet with you face to face to understand your requirements and brief you on our approach.


We will provide a detailed audit of your current landscape, focusing on your people and processes, KPI analysis and industry benchmarking.


We embed a fully trained Impala Search Consultant with a vast network of over 10,000 locally based candidates into your business.


We’ll either optimise your current internal recruitment processes or help you build your internal capability from scratch.

What our clients say

“Impala delivered above and beyond on the agreed targets, and made over 18 hires within the Engineering Team."

I am very happy to recommend Rob Blackburn and Impala Search after they successfully partnered with us at Spryker from December 2020-September 2021.

We brought on Impala via their Impala Embedded Solution, after we enjoyed several years of a very successful relationship through their traditional contingency model. We had successfully gone through our Series C funding round and wanted a solution to help us hire top technical talent with agility and speed.

I would be happy to highly recommend them to companies looking to hire technical talent in Europe! Apart from speed and quality, they also bring transparent communication, a passionate mindset and are fun to work with!

Simona Mezic Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

“The Impala Embedded Employee acted as a Signavio Employee and I was very happy for them to represent Signavio as they truly lived up to our values.”

The responsibilities of Impala Search covered all Software Engineering, DevOps, Data Science and Product positions and included; Candidate sourcing, First stage HR interviews and Basic technical interviews.The Impala Embedded Recruiter was extremely professional in their work and delivered on every key performance indicator we agreed on.

Stefan Pirpamer Head of Talent Acquisition

“It was a pleasure to work with Impala Search and I can highly recommend them to any businesses looking to grow."

We utilised the Impala Embedded Solution during our engineering scaling campaign in 2020. We decided to use Impala Search and their Embedded Solution as we wanted to leverage Impala's specialist knowledge of the Berlin Software Engineering industry. Furthermore, as speed was key, we wanted to utilise the extensive network of berlin-based candidates they have built.

Marie Schilke Team Lead - Talent Acquistion

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